U.K Football Clubs to Offer NHS Staff 100,000 Free Tickets

Yesterday, people across the U.K took to the streets (from their windows, doorsteps and balconies) to clap the NHS and caring staff that are working on the frontline to manage the corona virus outbreak.

And the appreciation of our wonderful health service continues as Brighton and Hove Albion kick off a campaign to gift 100,000 tickets to NHS staff, in recognition of the wonderful and brave work they do.

The UK football season, from The Premier League to amateur leagues across the country, is currently on a hiatus as measures are implemented to “flatten the curve”. For many, the first thing they’re looking forward to is getting back to the football on a weekend and enjoying the community spirit that brings. And in a positive signal of intent, NHS staff will be some of the first people back on the terraces if this ticket initiative is anything to go by.

Paul Barber, the Brighton chief executive said: “If each of the 92 clubs committed on average one thousand tickets, with The FA donating for a future England international and Scottish Premier League and Irish League clubs also contributing, we could easily top 100,000 tickets for these heroes. We are seeing some brilliant initiatives from clubs all over the world, and I am hopeful that there is more to come from the football family.

“Of course the biggest support we can all show our NHS heroes is by following that crucial government advice on social distancing, self-isolating, hand hygiene and using tissues to catch, kill and bin coughs and sneezes.”

So far Bournmouth FC have taken on the campaign and announced they will donate 1000 tickets to NHS staff, so now the imputes is on some of the larger clubs (no disrespect to Brighton and Bournmouth) to accept the challenge and give away some of their tickets for when the season resumes.