The #ClapForOurCarers Campaign aims to spread positivity and celebrate our NHS

Currently, the global conversation is solely focussed on COVID-19 and the wide-ranging consequences to all aspects of our daily lives. It can be difficult to focus on what’s important with the sheer amount of news hitting our screens every minute of every day. Some are scaremongering, some are irrelevant, some are clickbait and some are genuinely useful to know.

But in the spirit of positivity, we at The Carer’s Federation have decided to unearth some of the positive news stories emerging to share with you. Enjoy them. Share them with your friends and family. And remember to follow official advice the UK government regarding our individual responsibilities to help slow the spread.

We start with the #clapforourcarers campaign – a rousing idea to support NHS staff up and down the country who are putting themselves on the front line, and under increased pressure, to deal with the Coronavirus patients and general public.

The campaign is asking for as many people as possible to clap their hands together on Thursday 26 March at 8pm to thank all doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists and other NHS staff working hard to help those affected by the coronavirus. Other countries in Europe, such as France, Spain and Italy have been doing this on a regular basis but as the U.K comes to terms with the current measures set in place by the U.K government to contain Coronavirus, the public finds new and inventive ways to spread positivity.

The campaign website states: “It’s to get everyone to clap for everyone that works in the frontline, doctors, nurses doctors, pharmacists and EVERYONE related at the frontline.”

For more information on the campaign you can visit Check back on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more positive news story blogs over the next few weeks.