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Online training

Our VLE is a unique and secure learning platform powered by Moodle. It is an interactive on line learning tool and allows us to deliver flexible learning options. 

The Benefits to Learners:

  • You can access learning activities at a time and at a pace that suits your lifestyle
  • We offer online feedback and support for the learner on some of our longer courses
  • You can access support forums and educational discussion groups

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Independent Advocacy Qualifications


Carers Federation became an approved centre with City & Guilds in January 2010 to deliver the training and assessment candidates require in order to become qualified independent advocates. We are now one of the main providers of the qualification in England & Wales having supported hundreds of individuals through to becoming fully qualified. We are specialist independent advocacy trainers and are key partners of City & Guilds in the development of the Level 4 in Independent Advocacy Practice.


As independent advocates you act as a voice for older people, young people, people with mental capacity or mental health issues, or anyone else who needs support to empower them to make their own choices and have their needs respected.

The Level 2 Award and the new Level 4 in Independent Advocacy Practice are the nationally recognised qualifications that allow independent advocates to externally validate these skills.  The qualifications were first introduced in the advocacy sector in March 2009 to develop national training as part of a drive to improve standards and consistency across independent advocacy provision.

The qualifications were developed by City & Guilds in collaboration with the Department of Health and are designed to:

  • Help independent advocates learn more about how to represent an individual’s interests and how to support them to interact with other individuals, organisations and agencies
  • Reflect best practice within independent advocacy
  • Provide commissioners of independent advocacy services with a quality benchmark to improve tendering process

The qualifications have been newly updated and revised in December 2020 and enable independent advocates to learn, develop and practise the skills required.


The stepped nature of the qualification makes it ideal for anybody interested in learning more about independent advocacy. Clients we have supported to date include:

  • Individuals interested in working in independent advocacy
  • Workers looking for an introductory award who may have just started to work in the sector
  • Professionals who use advocacy skills as part of their role
  • Existing independent advocates
  • Professionals who use advocacy as part of another role


We welcome the opportunity to discuss the qualifications and your requirements with any individual or organisation who would like to undertake the training and assessment through City & Guilds with our centre.

Please contact us by e-mail at


Our Level 2 independent advocacy courses are ideal for those just starting in an advocacy role or if you are considering independent advocacy as a career. They are also popular with those who may use advocacy as part of their wider role such as support workers, social workers, health & social care professionals and other related professions.

The Level 2 qualification covers the principles of independent advocacy, the independent advocacy role, communication, equality and inclusion within independent advocacy.

You will achieve the Level 2 qualification by successfully completing a set assignment.

These units are available online and can be started at any time. Remote assessor support is offered by email.

Contact for assistance if you are unsure if this qualification is right for you.


Our Level 4 independent advocacy courses are aimed at practising independent advocates. It is a vocational qualification that requires candidates to produce evidence of their understanding of independent advocacy, and practice evidence showing their competence.

You will achieve the Level 4 qualification by successfully completing three mandatory units and one specialist optional unit.

The three mandatory units now provide a broad base of knowledge and practice, with study and assessment across various forms of statutory and non-statutory advocacy.

The optional units cover the roles of IMHA, IMCA, Care Act, NHS Complaints, Children & Young People and Community Advocates. This requires candidates to have cases with clients in whichever optional unit they choose.

These units are available online and also require attendance on training workshops, either online or in person. The qualification can be started straightaway with remote assessor support. Contact for assistance if you are unsure if this qualification is right for you.

Independent Advocacy Qualification Costs & Discounts

Level 2: Award – Module (201) – Virtual Learning Environment – £250 

Level 4: 3 Mandatory units (401-403) & 1 optional unit – £1,295

We have options to pay for these courses in instalments, please contact for more information.

Level 4: 1 Optional unit –

Multiple options available:

For returning advocates qualified at Level 3, we can provide remote live workshop training for Optional units for £200. This can be undertaken as standalone training, providing ‘appropriate training’ in a specialism to support understanding of the role in practice.

For a further £550, we can also assess practice and theory competence in the workplace. Provided the candidate has sufficient cases in that specialism, an assessor will be allocated to observe the learner practicing as an advocate and also completing theory work to consolidate knowledge of the relevant legislation.

Please email for more information as these single-option workshops will be run based on demand.

Optional Units: 

We offer all the specialist optional units in the Level 4 independent advocacy qualification. This includes:

  • Independent mental capacity advocacy
  • Independent mental health advocacy
  • Independent advocacy within adult social care
  • Independent advocacy with children and young people
  • Independent complaints advocacy
  • Community advocacy

What your fee includes: 

The fee for all options includes the cost of registration and certification with City & Guilds (except where noted), training courses, workplace assessor visits, course materials and remote assessment. We do not include lunches during courses except by arrangement. There is no VAT to pay on our prices.

Course cancellation:  

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any course with no less than 10 working days’ notice, without liability for any consequential or indirect loss. In this case, we will let you know in writing (by letter or by email) and offer to cancel or transfer your booking with no charge.

Booking cancellation: 

Please contact us at for our terms and conditions.

Independent Advocacy Qualification Dates

Level 2:
We offer the Level 2 Award in Independent Advocacy online through our Virtual Learning Environment. 

Level 4
Our Level 4 in Independent Advocacy Practice course covers the three mandatory core units (401-403) over five training days*.  You will need to choose a specialist optional unit to complete your qualification.

* Please note that our face-to-face courses have been temporarily suspended in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Candidates can commence their training online through our Virtual Learning Environment.

ALL of our courses are still available despite COVID-19!
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Quality Standard in Carers Support

Both young and adult carers can be affected by the impact of juggling their caring role with other responsibilities such as employment and education.  The practical and emotional implications of a caring role can be both stressful and demanding, the reality for many carers is that they may neglect their own needs.  Some carers; experience poor health, may disengage from education or leave employment.

The Carers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support has been developed by carers to provide accreditation and training for organisations.  The QSCS will help to raise awareness, remove some of the barriers for carers, develop appropriate policies and procedures and improve access to support. The QSCS demonstrates good practice in supporting carers in the wider community.

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