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label-qscsCarers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support

Both young and adult carers can be affected by the impact of juggling their caring role with employment and/or education. The practical and emotional implications of a caring role can be both stressful and demanding making work and studying challenging particularly in times of crisis. The reality for many carers is that they disengage from education or leave employment to focus on their caring responsibilities.

The Carers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support provides accreditation and training for employers and F.E Providers to improve the experiences of carers across their organisations. The Standard contains 10 key points for organisations to work towards.  Completion of these will enable an organisation to evidence a culture of understanding and a commitment to the inclusion and support of carers within their organisations.  The standard points have been designed to be effective, straightforward and achievable.

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How the Quality Standard in Carer Support can make a difference

The Quality Standard in Carer Support aims to:

  • Raise the profile of carers and highlight some of the challenges they may face
  • Overcome some of the barriers that may prevent carers from continuing employment or education.
  • Help to identify those with caring roles and create avenues for support (Improve access to specialist support)
  • Suggest and support the implementation of strategies, policies and procedures
  • Help to create a culture of understanding; demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion and social responsibility.
  • Help improve staff or student retention (sustainability and course completion)
  • Boost staff / student morale and productivity
  • Reduce absences/ sick leave
  • Improve relationships, a high level of trust and communication
  • Improve Academic outcomes
  • Staff training
  • Demonstrates pro-activity in student support
  • The opportunity to evidence Good Practice within wider community

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