Introduction to the QSCS Accreditation

Both young and adult carers can be affected by the impact of juggling their caring role with other responsibilities such as employment and education.  The practical and emotional implications of a caring role can be both stressful and demanding, the reality for many carers is that they may neglect their own needs.  Some carers; experience poor health, may disengage from education or leave employment.

The Carers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support has been developed by carers to provide accreditation and training for organisations.  The QSCS will help to raise awareness, remove some of the barriers for carers, develop appropriate policies and procedures and improve access to support. The QSCS demonstrates good practice in supporting carers in the wider community.


Demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities and good practice in supporting carers, inclusion and social responsibility.  Boost staff morale, improve productivity and retention, and reduce sick leave.

”I am delighted to be involved in the Carers Federation Quality Standard because it doesn’t just support the carers in our workforce; it will help us demonstrate our overall commitment to staff and promote flexible working.”   

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Health Services

Identify patients with caring roles and raise awareness of the potential challenges they face in attending to their health needs. Carers make a huge contribution to the NHS, ensure their opinions are heard embedded in the system

“Now my GP acknowledges me as a carer, and sees that I have a hard job, even that has made me feel better. My needs are also now considered  when working out a care plan for my wife”

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Support young carers  to access their education and meet their potential.  Remove barriers by meeting individual needs and making adjustments.  Raise the profile of young carers and create consistent mechanisms for support.

“The structure of the programme is really good as it allows us to reflect on or own practice as a school and to develop things at our own pace”  

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Further Education & Higher Education

Help to identify those with caring roles and create pro-active support. Help improve student retention (sustainability and course completion) Boost student morale and help to maximise opportunity.

“We are proud to care for all students and particularly for those, who as Carers might just need that extra guidance, support, or   a listening ear. Thanks again so much, we’ve enjoyed the journey, and this validates our efforts and importantly intent for our young people.”

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