Carers Accreditation – Quality Standards in Carers Support

Both young and adult carers can be affected by the impact of juggling their caring role with employment and/or education.

The practical and emotional implications of a caring role can be both stressful and demanding, making work and study challenging, particularly in times of crisis. The reality for many carers is that they disengage from education or leave employment to focus on their caring responsibilities.

The Carers Federation Quality Standard in Carer Support has been developed by carers to provide accreditation and training for employers and educational providers to improve the experiences of carers across their organisations.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Improved productivity / retention /performance and achievement
  • Improved attendance / reduced sick leave
  • Improved staff/student morale and motivation
  • Contributes to an ethos of inclusion and equality of opportunity
  • Demonstrates Social Responsibility and a commitment to staff and students
  • Increased communication and ability to evidence a culture of understanding

What people are saying about the standard: 

“We are proud to care for all students and particularly for those, who as Carers might just need that extra guidance, support, or a listening ear. Thanks again so much, we’ve enjoyed the journey, and this validates our efforts and importantly intent for our young people.”

The standard will require your organisation to complete an achievement plan on line which will be assessed by our team specialist. The process of completion and assessment usually takes up to around 6 months

Cost: We will provide you an individual quote for the cost of accrediting your organisation. For examples please download the cost examples sheet. To see what additional support we can offer please also download the education consultation document.

Includes: Secure access to our Virtual learning Environment and its resources, support from our specialist team, access to planning resources and useful documents to help you complete the assessment

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