What is a Carer Champion?

GP Carer Champion- a member of medical practice staff who coordinates the identification and support of carers within that practice. They will act as a voice for carers within the practice and be a key point of contact for carer information within the general practice which they work.

Support and Guidance for Carers Champions

Every medical practice has their own designated Carers Federation support worker who they can access. The support worker is there to support the Carer Champion and the practice team to identify, inform and support their unpaid carers.

The Key Role of the General Practice Carer Champion

in 2016 Carers Federation worked with 40 Carer Champions in Nottinghamshire to develop the Carer Champion Good Practice Guidelines. This document is regularly reviewed and supports existing Carer Champions and those new into post. The guidelines emphasise a whole practice approach and recognise the importance of medical practices working in close partnership with other organisations.

The main duties of a Carer Champion and their supporting colleagues are

To promote awareness of carers within their practice

Alongside Carers Federation, to co facilitate the identification of young and adult carers

Promote engagement with carers across their practice team

To maintain the profile of carers across the practice ( including meeting agendas and new initiatives)

To engage in networking appropriate to the role, such as forums and patient group events

Inform carers of their rights and entitlements, especially those outlined in the Care Act 2014

Draw attention to any national or local developments relevant to supporting carers

Act as a point of contact for external and internal communication on the subject of carers

Carer Champion Forums

Carers Federation hosts a Carer Champion Forum for each of the three CCG areas in Nottinghamshire south every six months. We invite Carer Champions from every member practice to attend the forum and share good practice, highlight any barriers they are facing and discuss how we can continue to improve the pathway for unpaid carers within their medical practice.

View your named Carer Champion by following these links

If you are registered with any practice in Rushcliffe Borough

If you are registered with any practice in Broxtowe Borough

If you are registered with any practice in Gedling Borough, Hucknall District, or the Lowdham Jubilee Practice

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