Rushcliffe Carers Service

Carers Federation are working in partnership with NHS Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group.

We work closely with all 12 medical practice groups in Rushcliffe Borough to ensure that carers receive support and good access to services through their local surgery.

Carer Champions

Each practice has a member of staff who is the Carers Champion and takes responsibility for ensuring that other members of staff are aware of carers’ needs and the services available to them locally. That person also provides access to information and support for their carers.

Below is a list of named Carer Champions in the Rushcliffe Practices

Belvoir Health Group – Kat  (Bingham)

                                       – Sarah Craig (Cropwell Bishop)

                                       – Anne Leach (Cotgrave)

Castle Health Care – Gay Robinson

East Bridgford Medical Centre– Denise Birch

East Leake Medical Group– Bev Browitt

Gamston Medical Centre– Rachel Dales

Keyworth Medical Centre– Rowena Bloodworth

Musters Medical Centre– Caroline McDermott

Orchard Surgeries Jacki Kendrick/ Janice Caswell

Radcliffe on Trent Health Centre– Jo Stevenson

Ruddington Health Centre– Jo Sansome

St Georges Medical Practice– Kath Smith & Dawn Benson

West Bridgford Health Centre Trevor Woolley

Carer Drop-in Clinics

There are 2 Carers Federation support workers dedicated to this service and providing fortnightly carer drop ins at every practice in Rushcliffe Borough.                                                                                                        You can speak to a support worker by calling

Lorna, 0773 888 2556 Monday– Wednesday

 Margaret, 07739 237 443 Wednesday- Friday

 or emailing

Are you under 18 and caring for a family member who would struggle without your support? You can get access information and support through your medical practice or by contacting one of the above support workers 

The Rushcliffe Carers and Self Care Service exists primarily to:

  • Raise awareness of carers and their needs across primary and community care
  • Embed a consideration of carers as part of usual working practices
  • Signpost carers to services that will offer support to optimise their social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
  • Raise awareness and embed consideration of self care across primary and community care as a strategy for empowering patients about their own conditions to increase their independence and reduce their reliance on carers.

 If you or a carer you know have any specific information or communication needs and require information about our services in an alternative format please let us know. 
Contact us on 0115 962 9310