Carer Champions in Gedling Borough, Hucknall District and Lowdham Practices

See below for the named Carer Champion in the Gedling Borough, Hucknall District and Lowdham practices

Medical Practice Name             Carer Champion

Apple Tree                                     Lesley White

Calverton                                      Karen Sinclair

Daybrook                                     Sharon Langton

Giltbrook                                       Julie Wright

Highcroft                                       Jo Croft

Ivy Group                                      Carolynne Metcalf

Jubilee                                          Rachel White

Oakenhall                                     Carol Miller

OM                                                  Ceri Curran

Park House                                   Fiona Haywood

Peacock                                          Kim Bannister

Plains View                                    Michele Bliss

Stenhouse                                      Pam Husband

Torkard Hill                                    Julie Meldrum

Trentside                                        Sherry Sharpe

Unity                                               Ruth Cutler

West Oak                                       Cathy Saunby

Westdale Lane                               Sarah Westen

Whyburn                                         Rebecca Johnson


Lorna, 0773 888 2556 Monday– Wednesday

Margaret, 07739 237 443 Wednesday- Friday

or emailing

Are you under 18 and caring for a family member who would struggle without your support? You can get access information and support through your medical practice or by contacting one of the above support workers

If you or a carer you know have any specific information or communication needs and require information about our services in an alternative format please let us know. 
Contact us on 0115 962 9310