Carers Federation Carers Conference 2017

See below for a list and links to all our Carers Federation and guest presentations from this years Carers Conference 

A local update- Lisa Lopez, Nottingham City Council  

A Local Update- Dan Godley and Maggie Pape, Nottinghamshire County Council

The Pathway to Provision- Tajinder Madahar and Sue Taylor, Nottingham City Council

Action for Young Carers- Lizzie Benzie and Francesco Fiorini, Carers Federation

Young Carers Schools Program- Stephanie Smith and Rebecca Smith, Carers Federation

Quality Standard in Carer Support- Rachel Walker, Carers Federation

The Transitions Project- Naomi Sykes, Carers Federation

Social Prescribing- Liz Walker, ImRoC

Future Pulse- Tessa Hullet, Carers Federation

A Carers Toolkit, Rob Gardiner, Carers Federation

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who support us on the day! 

Carers Conference Audio Feedback

On arrival to our Carers Conference 2017 you may have spoken with Lizzie Benzie who was capturing a moment with attendees to ask them:

“What are your expectations of today?”

Listen to the audio below to hear how our guests responded

At the end of the Carers Conference Lizzie asked:

“What do you feel that you have learnt from today and is there anything you are going to take with you from the conference?” 

Listen to our responses below

Thank you to everyone who attended the Carers Conference and for all your contributions and feedback. 

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CARERS’ COUNCIL (Allies in Adult Mental Health) – Summer 2017


Wednesday 21ST June (1 pm – 4 pm)

At the Nottingham Mechanics, 3, North Sherwood St

Nottingham NG1 4EZ

 See link for further details of the open day and the summer 2017 newsletter

Carers Checklist 2017

The Carers Checklist

This checklist sets out practical steps every part of the community can take to be carer friendly – to help you feel supported as a carer and recognised as an individual with needs of your own.

We hope it will help you think about your community and what additional support might improve your life.