Carers Federation counselling support was established in 1996 as part of a developing service to carers. We provide emotional support to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and non delusional depression, and for carers to realise their individual potential thus improving the quality of social and interpersonal relationships.  Carers state that a major outcome they seek is the prevention of carer role breakdown.
We provide counselling to people who are not carers but do charge for this at affordable rates.


Our counsellors recognise the struggles, joys and responsibilities that the carer can encounter within their caring situation.  The feedback from clients is that the counselling has helped to reaffirm their sense of worth and self identity, thus empowering the client in their given situation.


The service offers:
• Counselling for Adult Carers of any age
• Support in venues that suit you. These can include:
•  Our city centre rooms
•  At local suitable premises
•  At GP practices

Please note that during the Covid 19 outbreak, we are only providing counselling via telephone.

If you or a carer you know have any specific information or communication needs and require information about our services in an alternative format please let us know.  Contact us on 0115 962 9310

“It allowed protected time to explore my feelings as a carer without the worry of upsetting those I care for”

“The counsellor was full of empathy and understanding. Easy to talk to, even the difficult bits. I always left every session feeling able to carry on”