Nottingham Health & Care Point – New Phone Service

Nottingham Health & Care Point

The way in which Nottingham citizens can get help and advice on health and social care services in Nottingham has been recently improved. The city’s Health and Care Point phone service has been streamlined and simplified to reduce the number of options faced by callers.

With effect from 16 January 2017 the Nottingham Health and Care Point number is 0300 131 0300 and operational hours have been extended so that citizens are able to speak to someone from 8am to 7pm.

It’s important that this change of number is communicated to any citizens who you refer to the Health and Care Point.

The 0300 131 0300 number now offers the following options:

  • Option 1 – If you know what service you need, choose Option 1 to access the automated options (see below)
  • Option 2 – If you wish to speak to someone in person

Choosing Option 1 will give you access to 3 further options:

  • Option 1 – Urgent Care (0700 – 2300, 7 days)
  • Option 2 – Adult Social Care (0800 – 1900 Mon – Fri)
  • Option 3 – Nottingham Health & Care Point (0800 – 1900 Mon-Fri) for referrals to CityCare services (see below and each service page)

Citizens who call the Health and Care Point should find it easier to get through to speak to someone who is able to direct calls to the right team as quickly as possible. Those picking up the calls are trained in health and social care – they will understand the call being made and know where to get help if they can’t resolve the call themselves.