Who we are

The Carers Federation, a company limited by guarantee, was established in 1992 as a small local charity and has grown steadily to become an organisation which works throughout England.

We provide a diverse range of services that range in size and complexity and have a national reputation for the excellence of our work.


Strategies exist at several levels in the Carers Federation – ranging from the overall business (or group of businesses) through to individuals working in it.

We believe in offering services that are sensitive to the needs of individuals and communities. The philosophy of the organisation is to go the extra mile in all aspects of its operation, to treat people with dignity and respect, recognising that “People don’t fit in boxes.”


The role of the Board is to:

  • Determine strategy and priorities for the organisation
  • Allocate resources
  • Monitor performance
  • Determine corrective action
  • Re-evaluate strategy and reset priorities

The Board meet at least 10 times a year. These meetings are timed to allow the Board to monitor strategic performance on a quarterly basis, with sign-off of the Annual Accounts and Corporate Strategic Plan prior to the AGM.

The Board has the power to establish a series of sub committees to allow Board members to focus on key aspects of the Federation’s work in more details than would be possible at Board level. Current sub committees are:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Anyone interested in becoming a member of Carers Federation Board would find it useful to view a series of video films produced by the Foundation for Social Improvement. Click here: https://www.thefsi.org/services/essential-trustee-series/


High standards of corporate and personal conduct are key requirements for the Federation. We are funded through a variety of sources and feel accountable to the community for the effective use of these monies.

Executive Board members are required to agree to work within a code of conduct. These include:

  • Selflessness
  • Objectivity
  • Openness
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Honesty


The Board consists of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Company Secretary, Trustees & Co-opted members


Co-opted members are invited to join the Board for a specific period of time to assist with pieces of work, strategy, vision etc.


Rob Gardiner

Chief Executive Officer

Jayne Bell

Head of Service and Deputy C.E.O

Trish Cargill

Chair of the Board

Christine Thomas

Vice Chair of the Board