What we offer

Regents House offer carers a package of support tailored to meet individual need:

•    Confidential Telephone Support
Support, information and advice is available by contacting the helpline

•    One to One sessions
Face to face support provided either at home or in another appropriate location

•    Group Support
Providing an opportunity to meet and share concerns with other people experiencing similar issues

•    Social Networking
Share experiences and talk to other carers through our closed social networking site

•    Advocacy and Signposting
Regents House work closely with other agencies including alcohol and drug recovery providers and can offer support to access information and services

•    Information
Access to a range of alcohol and drug information is available, increasing understanding of the effects of alcohol and drugs and possible recovery options

•    Drop-in
Access to the resource library for computer and internet use. Also gain information and advice on other local services