Information for Carers/Professionals

Who can access counselling?

Counselling is accessible for Carers Aged 7 to 80+.

Accessing the service is through completion of one of our referral forms. A copy of  this form can be downloaded on the right of this page.

If you are a young carer, we will usually require parental consent at the onset of counselling.

Where is the service delivered?

Counselling usually takes place in either:

  • Our city centre rooms
  • At local suitable premises
  • At GP practices
  • At schools

Home visits for adults can be arranged if assessed as suitable.

How counselling support Carers

The counselling service enables carers to explore how their caring role impacts upon their broader physical and emotional wellbeing. This is achieved through a safe environment, skilled counsellors, and innovative techniques to enable indivduals to get a better picture of how they are affected and to work through potential changes they can make to support their caring roles.

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