QSCS Reaccreditation

The Quality Standard in Carer Support Accreditation is valid for three years from the date of your previous accreditation certificate. After three years you can apply for reaccreditation. Where major restructuring or changes (such as a merger) have occured since your origional accreditation, you may be required to undertake a full accreditation.

The Reaccreditation Process

Gaining reaccreditation will require you to complete an updated version of the QSCS Plan and undertake a new final assessment. We will send you an updated version of the Quality Standard pack and criteria. You will need to update your plan with any changes or developments that may have occurred since you submitted your last plan. The criteria framework or action points may have some small amendments for you to consider.

The cost of reaccreditation includes:

  • Admin Fee
  • Updated Pack Contents, Criteria and Planning Documents
  • Telephone/email support where required
  • Pre-Assessment Support Call
  • Final Assessment Meeting
  • Accreditation Report and Certification

For further information or to start the reaccreditation process please email qscs@carersfederation.co.uk