Working with schools

Why is it important to identify and support young carers in schools?

Results from a survey of 295 young carers in 2018 found that:

  • Two thirds were providing a high or very high level of care
  • Only half said they had received additional help from someone at school
  • Over 60% said there was “not any point” telling a member of staff
  • On average, they missed a total of 5% of school days in the previous two weeks and were late for 14% of days
  • A quarter said they were bullied at school as a result of their caring role

By recognising young carers and establishing a clear framework of support we can reduce the impact of caring on their educational performance and attendance. We can also put policies and strategies in place to tackle the issue of bullying aimed at young carers and the resulting isolation.

Statistics provided by University of Nottingham and Carers Trust


How can the Carers Federation support your school?

  • We can provide training for staff which will help to define what a young carer is in law, decide the steps your school needs to identify young carers, how to appropriately support young carers and their families and identify the barriers that prevent young carers from identification and from accessing support
  • Assist you in appointing a ‘School Young Carers Champion’ to lead in identifying and supporting young carers
  • Help implement and monitor the school Young Carers Policy
  • Deliver assemblies and workshops, outlining what a young carer is and some of the responsibilities they might have.
  • Our Schools Education Pack has been developed with young carers, school staff and national experts and offers help and advice to teachers in identifying and helping young carers with their problems

Becoming a ‘Young Carer Friendly’ School

This award reflects commitment to supporting young carers and can be achieved by through the following:

  • Complete our ‘Young Carer Awareness’ training (minimum of 5 staff members)
  • Have young carer information available to pupils, staff and family members
  • Ensure young carers are included within the school policies
  • Have a trained Young Carer Champion in post
  • Have a clear pathway for young carers, from identification to support