Information for GP and practice teams

Why support carers in your practice?

Carers may develop health problems as a result of their caring role. These may be physical, such as back problems, or psychological due to worry or stress.

Emotional well-being of a carer can be affected by seeing a person they care for in pain, through isolation from social groups and lack of time for themselves.

All carers, including young carers (age 5-18), can neglect their own health needs which can cause bigger problems for that carer and the family later down the line.

Providing carers with information and support can mean that carers are not caring inappropriately or using bad practices and can continue caring for as long as they want to.

Carers save the UK over £137 Billion every year and are the expert in the patients needs and care. It is vital that we work together to support carers needs and ensure they receive timely support and information.

Does your practice have a named Carer Champion to coordinate the resources, identification and support of your carers?

Carer Champions Good Practice Guidelines

In December 2016 Carers Federation launched the Carer Champion Good Practice Guidelines which have been developed with Carer Champions and medical staff across Nottinghamshire South.