Let Your GP Practice Know That You Are A Carer

Carers in Medical Practices

We know that medical practice settings are often the first point of contact for patients and their carers, thus are in a good position to provide access to information and support for their carers.

Approximately 1 in 9 patients registered with a practice in Nottinghamshire are carers according to the definition set out by the Care Act 2014.

Carers Federation are encouraging practices to become more carer aware and support them with the identification of their carers. We are currently working across all medical practices in Rushcliffe, Gedling, Broxtowe and Hucknall districts. We have already seen significant improvements for carers in how they are identified and supported.

This includes the recruitment and ongoing support for a designated Carer Champion who will be a day to day point of contact for carers and professionals in each practice.

Who Is your Carer Champion

To find out who your Carer Champion is and more about what support is available in your area follow the link.

These contracts are commissioned by local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

For more information about these services please contact Hazel Johnson on 0115 9629 314 or h.johnson@carersfederation.co.uk

If you or a carer you know have any specific information or communication needs and require information about our services in an alternative format please let us know. 
Contact us on 0115 962 9310