Help in a Crisis

The Crisis Prevention Scheme enables the person you care for to be looked after in their own home if you have an unforeseen or emergency situation. This service is available to all adults where the ‘cared for’ person lives in Nottinghamshire County.

The Crisis Prevention Scheme is provided by Home Based Care providers funded by Nottinghamshire County Council. Here is a list of your local scheme providers; when calling your local provider please ask for the Crisis Prevention Service.


Care UK Homecare 0333 999 7628


Care UK Homecare 0333 999 7628


Comfort Call 01909 768196


Comfort Call 01636 858 675


Direct Health 0115 896 4005


Agincare UK 0115 8470015


Agincare UK 0115 8470015


Your Social Worker will also have details of respite day centre and care homes. It is important for the person you care for to have a community care assessment to make sure that any placement is suitable and can provide the correct care.

For planned ongoing respite please contact your Local Authority as you may be eligible for a direct payment to cover some of the costs of the services provided for the person you care for.

Choose my support – gives those living in Nottinghamshire choice and control to decide which services enable them to have independent lives. This website helps people to buy and sell social care and associated services

If you have any difficulties accessing the services listed above, please contact your support worker

Disclaimer – Carers Federation are not recommending individual providers, we are simply informing you about locally-funded opportunities