Carers Assessments

If you regularly care for someone you have a legal right to ask for a carers assessment. The assessment will look at the impact that caring has on you and the support you may need. It is important that you know what help is available to support you balance your caring life with a life of your own.

This assessment is about you, not the person you care for. You can have a carers assessment whether or not the person you care for is entitled to or does not want a community care assessment.

How do I get a Carers Assessment? To ask for a carers assessment you can telephone 0300 500 8080 or email 

What will a Carers Assessment involve? When you contact the carers support service you will be need to give some basic information about you and the person that you care for, such as name, address and date of birth. You can choose to have an assessment done at your home or in any other suitable place, you are welcome to have a friend or relative with you to help explain your needs.

Why should I have a Carers Assessment? There are a number of benefits to having a carers assessment, these include: access to a carers personal budget, access to short breaks, access to advice and information, access to advice from trained staff who can signpost you on to local appropriate support services

Will I need to pay for services? A Carers Assessment is free and there is no charge for support provided as a result of a carers assessment.


Nottinghamshire County Carers Support Service
Tel: 0300 500 8080  or for more information go to

You can find out more about carers assessments at Carers UK