Accessing Health and Social Support and Respite

If the person that you care for is struggling to live independently and or you are struggling in your caring role, the first step is to contact the Adult Health and Social Care Team and make a referral for a community care assessment for the person you care for and a carers assessment for yourself.

If you live in Nottingham City contact:

  • Nottingham Health and Social Care Point on: 0300 131 0300 option 2
    email: or contact the
  • Disabled Children’s Team on: – 0115 876 5600 or email:

For more information about Adult Social Care Services in
Nottingham visit Adult Social Care

If you live in Nottinghamshire County contact:

  • Single Point of Access by Nottinghamshire Healthcare on: 0300 500 80 80 or for more information about Social care in the county visit Adult Social Care 

Anyone can make a referral or you can ask your GP, Hospital, Family or a Support Worker to make a referral on your behalf.


Under the Care Act 2014, local authorities must:

  • Carry out an assessment of anyone who appears to require care and support, regardless of their likely eligibility for state-funded care and decide what help the person cared for may be entitled to.
  • Carers can be eligible for support in their own right, based on the impact their caring role has on their wellbeing, even if the person you care for isn’t entitled to social care support you can still ask for a Carers Assessment


Respite is a short break which gives you the carer some time out from caring to look after your own needs.  Taking a break does not mean you are letting the person you care for down, it is a way of helping you to keep on caring.

  • For more information in Nottingham City contact  the Health and Social Care point on:  0300 131 0300 or for Nottinghamshire on:  0300 500 80 80
  •  For funded respite services contact the Carers Hub on: 0115 824 8824

Funding your Care

For  information about funding your care visit:

For independent free information on savings threshold, owning a property, how much you may have to contribute towards the cost of care, and further specialist advice visit:

  • Paying for Care (City and County) a not for profit information service, helping those that are responsible for paying for their own care costs. There is no charge for the information from this service and you call them on: 0808 208 999