Our Partnerships

Most users of Carers Federation services have been impacted by the introduction of the Care Act in 2014. To ensure people get the best support and advice available, we have developed effective partnerships with other services whereby we work together to promote the wellbeing of individuals, their families and communities.

We provide services direct to the public and funded by Local Authority and Health service partners (Use the Our Services Tab).

We also work closely with a wide range of other providers of services to ensure people:

  • know who Carers Federation are and what we do; as well as the array of other support on offer to them
  • get the best possible information, support and advice tailored to their needs
  • can help shape what services look like and support integration
Statutory bodies who fund our services

Local councils

NHS Clinical Commissioning groups

Non statutory services that we work closely with to support people

Volunteer Bureau


Carer Champions

Nottinghamshire Carers Hub

Carer support groups

Self Help Nottm

Nottm HC Trust BAME support group

Age Uk