Covid-19 Protocols at Pelham Road

Many of the staff and users of our building on Pelham Road are vulnerable through long term illnesses or disabilities. As owners of the building we are conscious of our responsibilities and duty of care to people who walk through our doors and use our facilities.

As from today 19th July 2021 Her Majesty’s Government have removed all restrictions imposed to deal with the pandemic.


We have decided that to protect all users of the building we will:

· Insist that people entering the building wear a suitable mask / face covering in communal areas. (Masks are available at reception should you arrive without one)

· This does not apply to people with medical conditions exempting them from the use of masks / face coverings.

· We will make adjustments for disabled people consistent with employment, health and safety and equality legislation.

· Sign in and comply with our systems for track and trace

· Maintain 2 metre social distancing in all communal areas

· Follow any specific guidance provided on posters or by staff in the building

Carers Federation staff have been told they can refuse entry to anyone not willing to abide by the above rules.

Containing the Covid 19 Pandemic 

At Carers Federation, the health, safety and welfare of our employees, visitors, benefactors, contractors and consultants is of utmost importance, and the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in early 2020 has elevated this to unprecedented levels. 

In accordance with the government guidance, Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance from Step 4 – offices, factories and labs (the “Guidance”).Carers Federation has undertaken a full COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure our administration offices at Christopher Cargill House, 21 – 23 Pelham Road, Nottingham NG5 1AP are COVID-Secure. 

Below is a summary of the key risks and actions from that risk assessment, to demonstrate to our supporters and partners our commitment to staying COVID-Secure for anyone who needs to use our building. 

Hazard: asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 

Anyone visiting or using Christopher Cargill House who is unaware that they have COVID-19 can spread the virus inadvertently via several means. The longer time spent in the vicinity of the virus, the higher the likelihood of transmission. 

Control measures or safeguards in place: 

  • You will be asked to observe two metre social distancing throughout Christopher Cargill House (details below). 
  • You are required to wear a suitable mask / face covering in all communal areas(face masks will be available at reception should you attend an appointment without one) 
  • Hand sanitiser and antiviral cleaning spray available throughout the building. 
  • Signage on rules, guidance, and best practice throughout the building. 

Hazard: symptomatic spread of COVID-19 

Coughs, sneezes, high temperature, a loss of taste and/or smell, and contact tracing can show someone is likely to have COVID-19, and their actions from that point on can spread the virus to anyone using Christopher Cargill House. 

Control measures or safeguards in place: 

  • We will tell you not to visit Christopher Cargill House if you are displaying any illness symptoms. 
  • If symptoms develop while using Christopher Cargill House, you will be asked to go straight home, remain two metres or more from others and not to touch any surfaces where possible. 
  • We will start a full sanitisation of the building should a confirmed COVID-19 case occur from someone who has used Christopher Cargill House recently. 
  • All  staff and visitors will be required to sign in every day, which will inform our contact tracing obligations in the event of an outbreak (retained for 21 days). 

Hazard: transmission from COVID-19 remaining on surfaces 

COVID-19 can potentially remain on surfaces for 72 or more hours, which can then pass on to other building users who touch the same surface. 

Control measures or safeguards in place: 

  • All frequent touch points (door handles, banisters, taps, kitchen surfaces, tables, desks, lift panels, etc.) will be cleaned with much greater frequency  
  • All building users will be advised to wash their hands wherever possible, for 20 seconds minimum, and to use sanitiser when hand washing isn’t possible. 
  • Doors will be kept open where possible. 
  • Sanitiser spray is available throughout the building so desks and equipment can be sanitised before and after use. 
  • Staff will use post its to clearly label which desks and tables have been used throughout the day, which our cleaner will use to focus their sanitisation throughout the evening. 
  • There is a clear desk policy throughout, with no desk sharing. 

Hazard: transmission  

Without segregation, building users can expose themselves to COVID-19 through being too close to a carrier. 

Control measures or safeguards in place: 

  • Social distancing throughout the building – two metres or more distance between all building users, as per guidance signposted on all floors. 
  • ‘Keep left’ on all staircases and other areas to create traffic routes. 
  • Only one person at a time to use the kitchen. 
  • Defined waiting areas for reception, lift lobby and other traffic areas. 
  • One person maximum in lifts. 
  • Toilets to be sanitised after each use. 

Hazard: transmission from over-capacity 

Social distancing can become difficult for building users when the volume of people in high traffic areas increases and may be impossible without restrictions. 

Control measures or safeguards in place: 

  • Capacity within Carers Federation offices limited to 2 per space 
  • Meeting rooms to have defined capacity limits. 
  • Staff to work only at their own allocated desks 

Hazard: signage and communication 

Without adequate information sharing, building users may misunderstand the risks or adaptations, which inadvertently creates a danger to others. 

Control measures or safeguards in place: 

  • Social distancing posters throughout the building. 
  • Hand washing protocols in all toilets. 
  • Guidance on sneezes and coughs. 
  • Floor signs and markers to assist with waiting areas and as a guide to two metres. 
  • Monthly updated risk assessment, which is shared with all staff members and a summary published to our website. 
  • COVID-19 Secure poster visible in our reception. 
  • Staff members are able to work from home if they can. 
  • Any planned Carers Federation meetings with the public or other professionals will only take place after appropriate risk assessments have been completed and authorisations obtained from service managers 

Outbreaks in the workplace 

  • Should employers become aware of any positive cases of COVID-19 (irrespective of the number), they should inform their local authority Public Health team as soon as possible. 
  • Instead of waiting for information from NHS Test and Trace, in order to reduce the risk of a workplace outbreak, we will immediately identify any close workplace contacts and ask them to self-isolate